Part of Supertech’s luxury collection, Superluxe is an exclusive fraternity for those who belong to the upper echelons, offering indulgences that are unheard of in the industry. From first-hand private preview to upcoming projects to VIP access to events related to arts, culture, sports and more, it’s a privileged arena meant to exceed your expectations.

Being a part of Supernova obviously makes you an undeniable entrant into this fine club.

Spira: With residences offering a 270-degree panoramic view of the waterbody, Spira is as rare as it is magnificent. Choose your world from the most opulent serviced apartments, residences and duplexes. And there’s a helipad and an observatory too for those undying indulgences.

Nova East/West: The adjacent towers that are home to Delhi NCR’s new elite. With tastefully done interiors and next door to all that young families desire for life, it epitomizes luxury living to a whole new level.

The Big Mall A Big Difference

Astralis: A wide array of commercial offering that isn’t just at the heart of NCR’s booming district, but also at its chosen address.